Parents of 12-year-old Tamir Rice call for release of shooting video

I am so lost for words with not only this but with everything that is happing in the news.

CLEVELAND- The parents of 12-year-old Tamir Rice released a statement on Tuesday asking for the release of the shooting video showing what happened.

Police were called to the playground area of the Cudell ‎Recreation Center Saturday afternoon, after a 911 caller reported a male was waving a handgun. The caller said the handgun may be fake, but he didn’t know.

Police say the officer was not told beforehand that it was fake.

The gun was an air-soft gun but looked like a handgun and had the orange safety tab removed.

Officials have said the officers told them right after the incident ‎that Tamir Rice did not comply when officers told him to put his hands up; instead, they said he reached for his waistband and grabbed the fake gun. Rice was shot twice in the stomach area and died Sunday.

His parents, Samaria Rice and Leonard Warner, released the following…

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