What age should a child be disciplined?  I personally believe a child should be disciplined as soon as they can understand you so anywhere from age one and up.   Yes I know some people might say that is just plain Crazzzy, but just hear me out for a second.  I don’t believe a child needs to be talking for them to understand you, because children understand words like “No, stop, or don’t go back there and etc…”  I have a one year old and believe me when I say that she doesn’t like the words “stop, no, or don’t go back there.  Whenever I tell her those words she gives me some funny facial expression like I heard you but I am still going to do it no matter how many times I say it.   After telling her numerous times and she fails to listen then I let her know that she will be going into timeout since she kept doing whatever it is that I am stopping her from.  So timeout  is a form of discipline for me.

I would love to hear you guys point of view on this topic

Thanks sincerely CeCe

Mrs. CeCe’s Corner


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